Our Services and Expertise

We help people and places to thrive in the 21st century economy. Our multidisciplinary team brings together expertise and on-the-ground experience to create customized, research-based solutions that create real impact for our clients.

Business development

We improve sustainability by connecting corporate and organizational objectives to local, national and international opportunities.

This includes work in a wide range of activities including feasibility studies, pursuing financing and grants, workforce planning, clarifying targets for corporate social responsibility and economic impact assessment.

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Community development

Our approach to community development is to bring people and ideas together for a common goal. Whether it’s exploring challenges facing the economy, society, the environment, or culture, our adaptive consultation processes examines all aspects of a community’s potential.

We empower communities to tackle key priorities that emerge through inclusive consultations; having clear directions and expected outcomes documented supports engagement of those that share a common agenda.

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Cultural development

We help communities leverage creativity, culture, and quality of place to build prosperous local and regional economies. Cultural assets and amenities are magnets that attract people and investment in today’s knowledge-based creative economy. We also help communities leverage rapidly growing creative cultural resources such as sound recording, film and video, digital media, design, and publishing.

Our expertise in municipal and regional cultural planning, cultural mapping, and cultural economy analysis services helps clients to maximize their cultural assets.

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Economic development

We believe a new economy needs a new kind of economic development.

We combine our real-world practitioner’s experience with proven methodologies and sound research to prioritize economic opportunities.

Our economic development expertise includes strategic planning, sector-based analysis, investment attraction, targeted strategies, and economic development marketing initiatives.

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Trade and international development

We recognize that a global economy creates local economic development challenges and opportunities.

Whether it’s foreign direct investment, trade missions, investment readiness, or market analysis we help clients navigate a global marketplace.

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Training and facilitation

We are dedicated to supporting the growth of our professional communities by equipping practitioners in the field.

We do this through our training and facilitation services, including customized training, seminars and educational programs, and speaking engagements.

We seek out subject matter experts and forge delivery channels for information to be shared, new ideas to be explored, and relevant certifications to be earned.

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Workforce development

We know that a skilled, reliable workforce is a cornerstone of economic development. Our work supports local retention and recruitment, workforce development, skills alignment, and helps our clients to tackle supply and demand challenges.

Through local labour market research and planning, as well as access to real-time local labour market information, we help clients to understand local labour markets and to attract and retain the talent needed for economic success.

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