Cultural Development

Cultural Development

Cultural resources have become invaluable assets in communities large and small in helping build sustainable local and regional economies and enhancing the quality of people’s lives. They are an essential component of any economic development strategy focused on attracting talent and investment.

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Municipal and regional cultural planning

Our cultural planning work puts culture at the centre of municipal planning and economic development. We create cultural plans that provide individual municipalities and regions of all sizes and circumstances to build on the opportunities created through leveraging local cultural assets.

Cultural mapping

Our team works with clients to systematically identify and take maximum advantage of their cultural assets. Recognizing the importance of cultural mapping for culture-led planning and economic development, we have developed a powerful GIS-based mapping tool that uncovers and highlights cultural resources.

Place-based cultural tourism

Our work incorporates place-based approaches to cultural tourism that shift attention away from marketing individual attractions to more integrated approaches that emphasize an overall experience of the culture and identity of a place.

Cultural economy analysis and impact assessment

We provide comprehensive analysis of the impact of cultural resources on local and regional economies. This insight supports cultural planning and development and brings culture to the forefront of municipal and business agendas.