Economic Development

In a hyper-connected world, sound economic development programs are more critical than ever. Competition can come from anywhere – across town, across the country, or around the world. Old world advantages have disappeared, but new opportunities exist for those who know how to seize them.

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Strategic planning for economic development and tourism

We work with clients to establish a shared vision for the future of their community and identify aggressive yet attainable objectives.

Our expertise in tourism strategic planning gives our clients an edge in an extremely competitive landscape. We provide communities with a strong understanding of their positioning, how to use their competitive advantages and how to work around their disadvantages.

Market and sector-based analysis

Our market research and analysis identifies competitiveness issues and establishes priorities that strengthen our clients’ position in the market.

Strategic positioning and promotional marketing for investment attraction

We understand the challenges of cutting through the noise to get a message across. But it’s a critical factor of investment attraction. We ensure that our clients are front of mind for their target markets.

Economic development project management

Our team members aren’t just analysts – they’re hands-on practitioners with a track record of successful project management. Our project management and implementation service give our clients the support they need to focus on key prospects, clients and stakeholders.

Organizational performance

We can provide independent evaluations to measure the success of economic development programs while providing recommendations on how to maximize investment in people and project delivery. We work with communities to establish economic development organizational structures and service delivery models.

Technology transfer and university-based economic development strategies

Our team works with universities and colleges to apply theoretical technology and research in the commercial environment, leveraging positive community impacts in the process.

Economic development public policy analysis and development

Our team provides expert advice in the development, implementation and analysis of public policy to support economic development.