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Market Research & Analytics

Successful strategies rely on sound research. It’s the foundation of every project we do. But, it’s not enough to collect data and crunch numbers. We know our clients need real answers based on their unique circumstances.

Our Research and Analysis services provide clarity, context, and insight so our clients can make informed decisions. Whether it’s to grow a brand or engage residents in a community initiative, we provide the information clients need to reach their goals.

Market Research & Analytics Services

Our Market Research and Analytics services fall into three broad areas of focus.

Project Research Support
Our Research and Analytics team will provide support to MDB projects of all types, strengthening consultation processes and informing actionable strategies. Our Research team has completed well over 200 Municipal studies of various topics.

Municipal Research

Our citizen engagement and citizen satisfaction expertise helps clients to understand local challenges, concerns, and opportunities.

Explore our Citizen Satisfaction IQ and Tax Sensitivity Calculator solutions to find out how our team provides results that get to the heart of local needs and priorities.

Industry Insights

Our experts work with businesses in a range of industries to answer their most pressing questions on usage, attitudes and behaviour, pricing, product adoption, satisfaction and engagement and brand equity.


Our approach is tailored to meet the needs of clients. We provide a variety of data collection solutions, including:

  • computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI)
  • interactive voice response (IVR)
  • online polling
  • in-person interviews
  • panels and focus groups.

Once we’ve gathered the data clients need, we offer tabulation and analysis solutions to get at the story behind the numbers.

Our difference is understanding clients’ information gaps and turning them into opportunities for success.