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Workforce Development

Creating and retaining a skilled, resilient workforce is a cornerstone of competitiveness and economic sustainability in the 21st century economy.

Through our work, articlesblog posts, and resources like this video on Canada’s workforce, we strive to fuel conversations, and tackle some of the tough questions about workforce issues and trends.

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Strategic labour market planning

Our team works with local communities and stakeholders to create customized labour market strategies. While circumstances may differ from one community or industry to another, the ability of local businesses to access talent is a universal factor in competitive positioning and economic sustainability.

Our team provides customized labour market strategies, sector specific workforce plans, and reliable local labour market intelligence. Our work aligns the local economy and labour force talent in a way that supports a balanced labour supply and demand.

Local labour market information – Jobs Demand Report

Our clients need to know where the jobs are in their communities, but often lack reliable sources for that data.

Effective labour market planning must be grounded in current, accurate and relevant information on local hiring activity, the skills and education in demand, and how industry hiring patterns change over time.

We partner with to provide customizable, validated real-time Jobs Demand Reports based on online job postings that reveals local hiring demand, a key indicator of local economic activity and employment trends. This data informs sound strategies for talent attraction, recruitment and retention.

Labour supply analysis

We measure and assess local labour markets to provide communities with a clear picture of local labour supply. Aligning labour supply and demand, often through relevant education and training programs, is critical in meeting the needs of the current and future economy.

Attraction and retention

Our team helps communities to attract and retain the talent they need for economic success. We can guide clients through a range of issues that create attraction and retention challenges, including youth out-migration, immigrant attraction, and transitioning populations impacted by local economic shifts.