Annual National Salary Survey by MDB Insight

Annual National Salary Survey

On September 19th, at EDAC‘s annual conference in Quebec City, MDB Insight‘ 2010 national salary survey was presented to conference participants. The Salary Survey involved responses from 137 practitioners from all provinces and territories covering a wide range of community sizes and governing structures. The five main positions examined were Directors of Economic Development, Economic Development Officers (EDO), Business Development Officers (BDO), Tourism Marketing Officers (TMO) and Economic Development Researchers (EDR). In addition to average salaries, data was collected regarding the number of department staff, retirement plans, vacation allotment and employment benefits. New to the survey this year were questions regarding the highest level of educational attainment and professional accreditations earned. An additional survey was sent out to professionals who have earned the Ec.D. or Ec.D. (F) designation. Similar compensation questions were asked in this survey.

The national average minimum and maximum salary of each position was determined as follows: Director – $75,500 – $91,943; EDO – $52,200 – $66,828; BDO – $47,888 – $61,085; TMO – $45,987 – $59,769; EDR – $36,766 – $47,866.

MDB Insight is committed to supporting initiatives that enhance the economic development profession with research and best practices from all areas of the country. The 2010 Salary Survey is a practical tool for those in the field of economic development. It can be used as an industry benchmark when determining departmental structures and budgets. We welcome report comments and suggestions and hope that this report will help you as you plan for your year ahead.

The complete 2010 Salary Survey report is available here. To see the results from previous years, click here.