Are you ready for Census 2016 data- (2)

Are you ready for the Census 2016 data releases?

By Tarryn Landman

With the release of Census 2016 data, Canadian economic developers (and others who rely on sound information about their communities) will have access to some of the most anticipated data in a decade. Particularly given the gaps created by the switch from a mandatory long form survey to the voluntary National Household Survey (NHS) in 2011. Among other challenges created by the voluntary NHS, a significantly lower response rate in 2011 compared to 2006 led to the suppression of data for at least 12% of municipalities.

Census 2016, on the other hand, generated so much enthusiasm (including on social media) that Statistics Canada’s website crashed as Canadians eagerly completed their Census forms. This enthusiastic response led to Statistics Canada’s best Census ever with a response rate of 98.4% for the long and short form questionnaires.

Want to know what Census 2016 has to say about your community? Statistics Canada’s Census releases begin on February 8, 2017, with Population and Dwelling counts. Get the full Census Release schedule here.

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