Create Your Own Economy by Tyler Cowen

Autism and Economic Development: Create Your Own Economy

This definitely isn’t your standard economics text. Tyler Cowen, a professor of economics at George Mason University in Virginia, has penned a quirky but insightful book on how to Create Your Own Economy. He begins with an extended analogy, looking at autism as a model of how we might better learn to organize information in our own lives in order to focus on what is truly important, and better position ourselves to pursue economic opportunities. Essentially, Cowan suggests that we have unfairly stigmatized autistics, and that their ability to focus on specific issues and fields of interest represents a positive aspect of autism, one that we might try to emulate. With digressions into the life of Sherlock Holmes, the world of classical music, and the practices of Tibetan Buddhism, there’s lots here to keep the book interesting.

And while the autism analogy may oversimplify things a little, it’s fascinating to follow Cowen as he links tools like Google and the rise of the Internet economy, and we may use those tools to focus very intensely on specific economic opportunities, in much the same way that some people with autism become key experts in their chosen fields. Create Your Own Economy is definitely not like anything else on your bookshelf, but is well worth a look. You can purchase the book here.