How much would the 12 days of Christmas set you back this year?

The Christmas season has arrived. The season of family dinners, snow tires and shopping is well underway, but those lords a leaping and turtle doves don’t come for free. For 30 years, PNC has calculated what price the gifts from the 12 days of Christmas would cost in the current market, offering information on changes in the cost of goods and services and how trends in these costs change over time.

As with similar measurements like the Big Mac Index that tell us about currency values,  the Christmas Price Index is a lighthearted, big picture look at economic information. So what does this year’s Index tell us? While 2013 was a good year for taxpayers in the United States, with only a 1.0% increase in inflation, PNC’s calculations rank this year as the most expensive since 2003. In fact, the Christmas Price Index increased 7.7% in 2013. This increase has been attributed to the cost of labor, specifically for the ladies dancing with a 20% increase and both the pipers and drummers with a slight increase. Items like doves and gold rings, however, have remained relatively stable.

The total estimated price of price of $114,651.18 may have you rethinking asking Santa for this bundle of yuletide spirit. Online shoppers will pay an additional $58,758.95, for a total of $173,410.13! Visit the Christmas Price Index website for more information.

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