Insights from Cannexus and a question

By Trudy Parsons

I’m at the Cannexus National Career Development Conference at the moment. I’ll be sure to share some insights from the conference once it wraps up, but wanted to share one particularly interesting message that is emerging: the need for greater connection between those of us with a passion, interest or mandate for supporting individual workforce success. This disconnect creates difficulty navigating the conversation around the importance of career development and career management services. These are issues I’ve written about in the past (see my posts on The Iceberg Dilemma, Collaboration for instance), but this time I’d like to hear from you. Take the quick poll below to share your thoughts.

If you’re at Cannexus and want to chat in person, I’ll be speaking on January 27th about the importance of people as a competitive advantage and how communities and provinces can tackle skills gaps. Join the conversation!