Lending a Helping Hand in Janvier

It was a pleasure for me to be one of three members of the MDB Insight team who were in Janvier, Alberta, on Saturday, October 15th to help clean up a burnt down elder/youth centre. Joined by the helping hands and backs of five others, and with Steve at the controls of his Case Hammer 90XT, the dumpster was full in no time and the steel to be salvaged was set aside.  The site is now almost back to its original self and the pilings remaining for a future effort at rebuilding if the community so chooses.

The Group

Negativity can be found in every place that my work takes me. It is very difficult for communities, especially those who have been impacted so negatively by outside forces for so long, to see that individuals can make a difference for the good. It is my belief that local empowerment is the only way to long-term sustained community growth.

Nirvana and Court

While we continue to work with the people of Janvier on more systemic issues, we are hopeful that this one effort of cleaning up a symbol of negativity will help them move on to feeling more proud of their community and more hopeful for its future.

If you would like to know more about Janvier click here.