MacroWikinomics: Rebooting Business and the World by Don Tapscott and Anthony Williams

MacroWikinomics: Rebooting Economic Development

In 2006, Canadian writers Don Tapscott and Anthony Williams authored a little book called Wikinomics.  It described how wikis and the collaborative tools of Web 2.0 were poised to reshape how the global economy operated, and – when the dust finally settled – it also became a massive international bestseller, and was translated into more than 20 languages. Building on case studies and practical examples,Wikinomics described how online collaboration was changing consumer behaviour, reorienting the role of data in the economy, and allowing companies to build huge new markets. MacroWikinomics: Rebooting Business and the World is less a sequel and more of a second chapter in the wiki story. Almost 5 years have passed since the first volume, and while some 2006 reviewers thought Tapscott and Williams were a little excitable and over the top, time has proved them right.  MacroWikinomics is packed with examples of industries being transformed by the power of collaboration, from health care to energy to transportation and logistics.

While Wikinomics introduced a whole new series of tools to economic developers – like Innocentive, Eureka Medical and – MacroWikinomics’lessons are a little less direct. Tapscott and Williams have moved beyond simply describing new tools and websites, and are asking probing and provocative questions designed to get readers to rethink entire industries. They leave little doubt that every field – including economic development – is due for massive change. Reading this book is one way to get ahead of the curve. Essential reading for the next generation of economic developers. You can order this book at a discount here.