Chart representing performance measurement

Overcome your performance measurement struggles in 2016

At MDB Insight, we’re committed to sharing resources and ideas that strengthen the economic development field. One of these is the importance of performance measurement. It’s a topic we’ve tackled in TINAN and one we continue to promote. With that in mind, we’d like to introduce you to a series of performance measurement workshops designed to help you overcome your performance measurement challenges and identify if you’re making progress towards your goals.

As organizations strive to meet stakeholders’ demands for better measures, it can be easy to forget that performance measurement isn’t about filling up the KPI column in the strategic plan. It’s not a bureaucratic hoop to jump through. Organizations actually want to accomplish something important, and sound performance measurement is essential in understanding and strengthening progress towards these goals.

Experience and research have revealed that we all have the same struggles with KPIs and measuring performance, and that these struggles fall into the same 8 categories. One of the biggest performance measurement challenges organizations face is not having a deliberate, repeatable approach. In fact, organizations are sometimes not even aware of the approach they’re using, let alone whether it works or not.

The PuMP® Workshop brings awareness to these bad habits, and teaches you new ones through a clear, deliberate and repeatable 8-step process so that you can focus on what matters most. With a focus on techniques, templates, and real-life case studies, the workshops equip you to put what you learn into practice when you get back to the office. You’ll learn how to:

  • Make your strategy measurable
  • Select and design meaningful performance measures
  • Get buy-in from staff and stakeholders
  • Bring your measures to life in a consistent way
  • Design insightful and actionable reports and dashboards
  • Get a clear picture of whether performance is improving or not
  • Convincingly hit your performance targets

MDB Insight is excited to partner with  Adura Strategy to share the PuMP® Performance Measure Blueprint with the economic development field. The workshops will be taking place on February 25th-26th in Vancouver and March 31st-April 1st in Toronto. The early-bird registration deadline for the Vancouver workshop is January 22nd, so be sure to take advantage of it soon. Participants can take the PuMP® Certification exam online after completing the workshop.

If you’d like to see her in action, Louise Watson from  Adura Strategy will be presenting on “The KPI Bad Habits at the root of all your struggles” at the 2016 EDCO Conference on February 3rd in Toronto, ON.

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