Six Pixels of Separation by Mitch Joel

Six Degrees is Hot!

Many economic developers are struggling to find a niche on Facebook and YouTube.  Mitch Joel, the founder of Montreal-based online marketing company Twist Image suggests that this is just soooo 2006. In his recent book Six Pixels of Separation, Joel describes where the digital economy is headed next, and how to ride the wave as it carries the next generation of web content forward. Unlike the old notion of six degrees of separation – that everyone on earth is connected by no more than six connections between acquaintances – Joel suggests that the new reality is not determined by separation, but by connectedness. In the emerging economy, all brands – corporate, community or personal – will be assessed on how quickly, how genuinely and how honestly they link to ongoing global conversations that occur between individuals in real time.

Building on the equation “Trust + Community = Return on Investment”, Joel lays out a new marketing paradigm that relies on blogs, microsocial networks and web analytics that allows any community – and any individual – to generate enormous brand recognition and brand value. If you liked Wikinomicsor other recent works on economic opportunities in the new economy, Six Pixels is the next step in your e-learning. But at the same time, if you’re just beginning to explore these issues, it’s a great jumping on point. Joel’s engaging and non-technical style is perfect for the economic developer looking to bring his community to the leading edge of online marketing. You can pick up a copy of Six Pixels and watch a promotional video for the book here.