MDB Insight team collage

The MDB Insight team is evolving

This year, we’re celebrating a decade of innovative, impactful work. We have grown a lot since 2007, and we wanted to share some of the most recent changes.

Firstly, we’ve launched a new Market Research and Analytics division led by our newest Executive Vice-President, Chris Bandak.  Chris brings more than 20 years of experience in market research and is elevating our research and analysis to the next level.

We’ve also unveiled three new solutions: the Tax Sensitivity Calculator, Triage BR+E, and Citizen Satisfaction IQ. We’re proud of these innovative products and hope we get the chance to introduce them to you over the upcoming weeks.

We’re also looking ahead to new opportunities, both for our team and for our team members.

A recent opportunity has Brock Dickinson transitioning into the role of strategic advisor with MDB Insight. Brock has also accepted a new role as Entrepreneur in Residence at the University of Waterloo (UW), effective October 1st. At UW, he will support both entrepreneurs and the University’s United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network activities. Brock has been teaching at UW for a number of years as part of the Economic Development and Master of Economic Development & Innovation programs.

As a strategic advisor, Brock will offer his insights and vision on existing and future MDB Insight work.

Our executive team (Paul, Trudy, Chris, and Lauren) continue to lead us in being a creative force that connects communities with opportunities in a rapidly changing economy. Please reach out to them if you have any questions about this update:

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