This American Life on “How to Create a Job”

One of my favourite radio programs is This American Life, which I often listen to as a podcast and also airs in Canada on CBC Radio One. This award-winning show combines reported stories, humorous essays and other “acts” into an hour-long show every week.

A few weeks ago, the show turned its attention to a critical issue for economic developers: “How to Create a Job”. The hour-long program asked questions all economic development professionals grapple with. How much control do governments really have over job creation? What job-creation programs actually work, and how can they be scaled up? What is the job search like in some of the most economically depressed parts of the United States?

However, the story I found most interesting centred on a visit that two This American Life reporters paid to a meeting of the International Economic Developers Council in San Diego. For those of us that have ever had the statement “I work in economic development” met with come combination of blank stares and “what’s that?”, this story is a fun, different and insightful look that might have you rethinking your approach as well. Take a listen here.