What’s so Hot about the Profit Hot 50?

Profit Hot 50

A little over three years ago, my partners and I launched MDB Insight to bring something new to the Canadian economic development space.  All around us were the first signs of a seismic shift in the economy – the rise of the creative class, the impact of globalization, a wave of new technologies, a focus on social media, and a stark decline in traditional industries.  We believed – and still believe – that yesterday’s solutions, the old tools and tactics of the economic development profession, were of little use in this strange new economy.  In their place, we offered sophisticated, collaborative, team-based approaches rooted in the new economy of the 21st Century.

Today marks a major milestone on the road that stretches from that initial starting point… Today, Profit magazine has named us to the Hot 50 list of Canada’s emerging growth companies, the 50 fastest growing new firms in the country.  For us, that’s a huge reward for our hard work, and it’s nice to have a pat on the back.  But what we’re really excited about is the bigger signal that this sends.  While it’s nice that our firm is growing and succeeding, the real message of the Hot 50 listing is that we have a strong and growing base of clients who’ve made the move to the new economy with us.

Despite a global recession, despite more economic bad news than any of us would care to hear, we’ve been able to work with hundreds of communities, companies, universities and not-for-profit groups to build a vision of an economy where we can thrive DESPITE – and even BECAUSE of – the changes sweeping through the world around us.

In that sense, the Profit Hot 50 isn’t just about something that MDB Insight did. That would actually be pretty lonely. It’s about something that we’ve done collectively.  It’s about a vision and a strategy and set of new tools that we have embraced together, and the success that we’ve shared in as a result.  MDB Insight can only be successful if its partners, friends and clients are successful.  Thanks to Profit magazine, today we can all celebrate that success…and then get right back to work making sure there’s more of it in store for all of us tomorrow.