Helping Tiffany & Company select
the right site

Tiffany & Company, Northern Ontario

In 2008, Tiffany & Company wanted to locate a facility in Ontario, an up and coming diamond mining jurisdiction with an operating mine near Attawapiskat and several prospective new deposits including those near Wawa.

Initially, MDB Insight identified a long list of 20 communities for review based on a weighted site selection matrix of Tiffany’s requirements for:

  • The physical plant
  • Labour force skills
  • Wage rates
  • Desired partnerships with Aboriginal communities
  • Shipping and receiving
  • Training

This was the first of five separate engagements with Tiffany as we moved with them through the final selection of a community and the submission of their bid to the Province of Ontario. Other aspects of the project included working with local and provincial economic development staff to finalize details around skills training, infrastructure availability and building retrofitting; investigating the Ontario jewellery manufacturing industry for competitive intelligence.