In the County of Elgin one plan led to another

County of Elgin

In 2006, the County of Elgin created an economic and tourism department. It then wanted to create a 5-year economic development plan that would serve as a collaborative framework for economic development efforts across the county.

Coordination is critical

The County retained MDB Insight in 2007 to lead the development of this plan. It was essential that each of the 7 lower-tier municipalities saw the value in taking a regional approach to business investment and attraction. For this reason, the strategic planning process placed considerable emphasis on the involving all levels of stakeholders – community leaders, volunteer organizations, elected officials, businesses and residents. The consultation process solicited input in the form of interviews, focus groups, surveys and visioning sessions.

Strategies built on verified research

As with any strategic planning effort, the project involved an assessment of the realistic and current opportunities and challenges associated with enabling and promoting economic growth in the County of Elgin and the tactics and tools to attract interest and investment to the region.

With tourism identified as one of the primary economic pillars, MDB Insight was again retained to complete a Tourism Strategy and Marketing Plan that builds on the County’s emerging strengths in agribusiness, water-based recreation and local heritage and cultural attractions.

Consideration was given to the recommendations of a premier-ranked tourist-destination study that identified both the challenges and opportunities for tourism development in the tri-county region. In conjunction with the strategy, a marketing plan was developed with the firm Yfactor that looked at the tactics and resources required to promote and attract tourism interest and investment to the County.