Promoting the creative economy in rural Eastern Ontario

Eastern Ontario Creative Industries Strategy

While cities play an important role in this shifting economy, there is growing evidence of the impact that a creative economy can have in small urban and rural communities.

In recognition of the economic development potential that creative industries represent to Eastern Ontario, the EOCFD Network Inc. with the support of Prince Edward, Lennox Addington CFDC and the Creative Economy Team of Ontario East Economic Development Commission, retained MDB Insight to complete an exercise that demonstrates the size and magnitude of the region’s creative economy and develop an action-oriented strategy that will capitalize on these high-paying, high-growth industries.

An integrated strategy built on two key premises

The strategy was centered on two main premises:

  • First, that creative cultural resources and enterprise must be seen in the context of a larger set of creative industries and occupations
  • Second, that creative rural economic development cannot be undertaken in isolation, but rather must be seen in the context of larger regional perspectives and strategies that connect rural and urban areas

The outcome was a framework for understanding the impact and relevance of the creative economy in Eastern Ontario and the manner in which this is defined at a regional and local scale.

A starting point for investment in creative industries

The resulting action plan and next steps represents a starting point to drive discussion and investment in the region’s creative industries and its supporting infrastructure and positions Eastern Ontario communities to capitalize on the emergence and opportunities of the creative age.