Mapping Bermuda’s cultural landscape


The Bermuda Cultural Map was initiated by The Performing Arts Centre Project as part of its ongoing exploration into the identity and diversity of Bermuda’s cultural landscape. AuthentiCity supported the development of the cultural map working in collaboration with The Breken Group/YLM and Trajectory.

Through multimedia enriched web-based maps, the map offers free, comprehensive information on local cultural resources for residents and visitors. From the outset, the intent was also to build a comprehensive map of cultural assets on an easily updated system through which Bermudians could expand and deepen their knowledge about their country’s cultural treasures. Each “asset” owner is a co-creator of both the map and a vibrant, living cultural network. Each is a part of the value chain of creativity.

The project drew initial cultural information from one government source—the Bermuda Department of Statistics—and one commercial source—the Bermuda Yellow Pages. Once created, listings for cultural organizations and activities are continuously expanded and updated locally. Each profile can include marketing messages, contact information, directions, and links to websites, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media tools in one integrated listing. Consistent with the mandate of the project, all listings are free. This makes the Map especially accessible and beneficial to small, grassroots organizations with limited marketing resources. The Map is managed by an Administrator who supports communication among all groups and contacts in the system.