Establishing a Vision for Culture

“The parallel development of the Vaughan Official Plan and Creative Together: A Cultural Plan for Vaughan has raised the bar for integrated planning in Canadian municipalities.”

Pino Di Mascio
Partner, Urban Strategies

Creative Together: A Cultural Plan for Vaughan was adopted by City Council in June 2010. The overarching purpose of the plan was to establish an overall vision and actions to guide cultural development in Vaughan and to integrate cultural planning across municipal departments.  The plan was developed parallel to the development of a new Vaughan Official Plan by Urban Strategies. As a result, cultural policy statements and commitments are embedded across the board in the Official Plan – in economic development, growth management, community services and facilities, heritage conservation, intensification, urban design and place-making, to name a few.

Creative Together was developed in parallel with a number of other culture and heritage-related studies that informed the development of the Vaughan Official Plan: Built Heritage and Public Art Study/Plan, Archaeology Study/Plan, and Cultural Landscape Study/Plan, Together these plans will put Vaughan at the forefront of integrated approach to cultural planning and development.

The plan was featured in the July 2010 issue of Plan Canada, the journal of the Canadian Institute of Planners. The plan was completed by AuthentiCity working in collaboration with Novita.

The full report is available here.