Building a Creative Community

North Bay Wordle

Building a Creative Community: A Cultural Plan for North Bay was completed by AuthentiCity in collaboration with MDB Insight and unanimously adopted by City Council in October 2011.

While North Bay has fared better than many northern communities in the shift from a resource-based to a creative economy, the City understood that a key strategy needed to support this transition was a more strategic and proactive approach to leveraging the community’s cultural resources.

With financial support from the Creative Communities Prosperity Fund of the Government of Ontario, the Cultural Plan for North Bay was a year-long process overseen by an internal inter-departmental team and a community advisory committee. The process involved documenting existing City programs and commitments to culture; completing a cultural mapping exercise to identify and document the community’s cultural resources (producing the North Bay Cultural Map portal); and an analysis of the creative cultural economy in North Bay.

In addition to this internal research and analysis, the process involved an extensive community engagement process involving the creation of a project website, a community survey, interviews, focus groups and a community forum. The final Cultural Plan set out:

  • A guiding vision
  • A cultural governance system to mobilize resources and partnerships to support implementation of the Plan that included:
  • A formal mandate and set of roles for the Municipality
  • An ongoing inter-departmental Culture Team to support integrated planning for culture;
  • A Cultural Roundtable to support ongoing partnerships between the Municipality and its community and business partners, and
  • An Annual Cultural Summit
  • A ten-year agenda of Strategies and Actions including a detailed Implementation Plan.

The Cultural Plan was unanimously adopted by City Council October 27, 2011.