Mapping Newmarket’s Cultural Assets


The Newmarket Cultural Master Plan completed in 2009 recommended the Town undertake cultural mapping as an essential step in advancing the 10-year agenda set out in the Plan. The Town of Newmarket Cultural Mapping Project engaged a cross-departmental Steering Committee in supporting the cultural mapping process and establishing a new GIS-based interactive cultural map aimed at increasing awareness of local cultural resources for residents and tourists. The interactive map provides tools that enable community members themselves to contribute suggestions for additional cultural resources to be added to the map.

During the planning process, the community helped identify cultural assets through a community survey and community forum. The project also involved the mapping of ‘intangible cultural assets’ or community stories felt by the community to be essential to defining the town’s unique identity. A final step in the project was a training session for Town staff to equip them with the capacity to sustain the mapping process and to manage community contributions to the map. The project was funded by the Creative Communities Prosperity Fund of the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport.