Laying a foundation for ongoing success

Quinte Ec. Dev. Commission, Ontario

The Quinte Economic Development Commission, a partnership between the municipalities of Quinte West, Belleville and Brighton, recently received $500,000 of a $1.5 million regional Community Adjustment Fund grant to support manufacturing workforce development. This is the latest success for the Commission’s two-year old Manufacturing Resource Centre, which has aided local industry in accessing $6.4 million in funding (resulting in total expenditures of $46 million), retaining 430 jobs, creating 295 jobs and assisting with training of 2,551 manufacturing workers.

In 2007, MDB Insight’ Greater Quinte Region Manufacturing Local Labour Market Report identified a “Central Resource” as necessary outcome for the region to support its manufacturing community. The action plan that supported the Labour Market Report, as well as a 2008 Foreign Owned Company Database also completed by MDB Insight, provided the Commission with the tools necessary to access funding from all levels of government and the private sector to make the Manufacturing Resource Centre, and its subsequent success, a reality.