TINAN 2015

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Is your city

Is your city playable?

All over the world, governments and tech companies are investing in smart systems for cities. By using networks and sensors to connect services they are collecting data to drive efficiency. But is this trend making our cities less human? A group of creative minds out of Bristol, UK, have found that this data-marked world lacks the human elements that make spaces more liveable and open.

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Empowering women could help close income gaps

In recent editions of TINAN, we’ve taken a look at global poverty and income inequality, exploring the trends and impacts related to these issues. A recent International Monetary Fund (IMF) discussion paper brings a different perspective to the discussion by examining the connection between gender inequality and income inequality.

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How Climate Change... LIN

How climate change could hamper global productivity

An article in the scientific journal Nature observes that there is a “Goldilocks” global average temperature of 13 degrees Celsius in which economic productivity is most efficient, but finds that productivity will decline by 23% by 2100 because of increases in the global average temperature.

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The first ever (3)

The first ever global map of cultural

and creative industries

Compared to more traditional industries, Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) are often only partially described and generally misunderstood or undervalued, creating challenges in understanding their economic weight in both mature and emerging economies.

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TINAN 67 (December 2015)

In TINAN 67 the MDB Insight team looks at the Christmas Price Index, the state of the global millennial workforce, the libraries of tomorrow, performance measurement, and unleashing public wealth.


  • Company Corner: Best wishes for 2016!
  • The cost of the Twelve Days of Christmas
  • A new look at the state of millennials worldwide
  • The libraries of tomorrow (and why they matter)
  • Overcome your performance measurement struggles in 2016
  • Resource Review: “The Public Wealth of Nations: How Management of Public Assets Can Boost or Bust Economic Growth”

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TINAN 66 (November 2015)

In TINAN 65 the MDB Insight team looks at a toolkit for joint First Nations-municipal community CED planning, how climate change could hamper global productivity, the value of Canada’s SMEs, and why empowering women could help to close income gaps.


  • Company Corner: MDB Insight is hiring a Senior Consultant based in Alberta
  • A toolkit for stronger joint First Nations-municipal community CED planning
  • How climate change could hamper global productivity
  • Empowering women could help to close income gaps
  • SMEs show their value in Canada (again)
  • Resource Review: When to Rob a Bank and 131 More Warped Suggestions and Well-Intended Rants

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TINAN 65 (September 2015)

In TINAN 65 the MDB Insight team looks at employer engagement, why businesses are moving back downtown, playable cities, income inequality in OECD countries, and Canada’s innovation grade.


  • Win-win-win results with employer engagement
  • Why companies are moving downtown
  • Is your city playable?
  • Are you rich or poor?
  • Canada scores a C in innovation
  • Company Corner: Millier Dickinson Blais is now MDB Insight

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TINAN 64 (August 2015)

In TINAN 64 the MDB Insight team looks at global poverty, creative competitiveness, workforce automation, and supporting competitiveness and innovation in the manufacturing sector.


  • How rich are you?
  • Three key ingredients for creative competitiveness
  • Which jobs are most at risk of being automated?
  • Manufacturing competitiveness and innovation
  • Company Corner: Tyson McMann joins MDB Insight
  • Resource Review: “The Martian”

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TINAN 63 (June 2015)

In TINAN 63 the MDB Insight team covers:

  • One in four global workers have stable jobs
  • Lessons from America’s leading metros
  • What makes a neighbourhood creative or innovative?
  • Understanding the anatomy of business incubation
  • Company Corner: Niagara Global Tourism Institute up and running!
  • Resource Review: “Blueprint for Revolution: How to Use Rice Pudding, Lego Men and Other Non-Violent Techniques to Galvanize Communities, Overthrow Dictators or Simply Change the World”

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TINAN 62 (May 2015)

In TINAN 62 the MDB Insight team covers:

  • Leveraging entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship to compete
  • Are you ready for Generation Z?
  • The world’s happiest country is…
  • Taking agriculture to new heights
  • Company Corner: MDB formalizes its partnership with EDCO
  • Client Corner: Regional District of Fraser-Fort George wins BCEDA award
  • Resource Review: “I Am Malala”

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