Census 2016 Made Simple

We know how important reliable data is to communities. It’s vital for understanding local trends and developing effective strategies. With the release of the 2016 Census data, communities will have access to the richest dataset ever assembled in Canada.

To help you make the most of this valuable resource, we’ve teamed up with Townfolio to offer solutions that make gathering and analyzing Census data about your community simple. Our 2016 Census Data Analysis helps you to:

  • understand your socio-economic situation quickly and easily.
  • take control of the message that your business leaders, citizens, Council/Board, and administration hear about the numbers.
  • beat your competitors to investors with important data.
  • present all this critical data about your community in a captivating way through Townfolio’s automated community profiles.

Census Data Profile Analysis Packages

All of our Census Made Simple packages include:

1. Data Mining, Analysis and Visualization
Let us mine, clean, analyze, and visualize your community’s Census data so you don’t have to. Our analysis process will provide you with the fastest access to the latest data and historic trends.

2. The Story Behind the Numbers
Our analysts will tell the story behind your numbers so you can understand your community in greater detail than ever before. The package includes an analysis of 12 Census data releases in 2017, including a personalized dataset for you to work with.

3. An Automated Profile and Website
Townfolio’s software builds you a beautiful and automated community profile to embed on your website with live interactive charts that stay up-to-date every month, providing an annual cost savings of over $18,000. See Townfolio’s work in action below.

4. Shareable Content
Immediately show community and business leaders your socio-economic situation. Share your data with your community in a visually appealing way. Our package includes a customized communications plan and infographics using your brand’s colours.

Package Options

We understand each community is different, so offer several package levels.

Local Plan (Prices range from $9,500 to $12,500 depending on population)

  • You select the 12 data releases you want to receive individual reports on.
  • You can guide the news in your community with an infographic highlighting the most interesting data, shareable social media images, and a social media schedule for each of the 12 releases.
  • You will see the detailed story with trends analysis, analytical calculations, charts and other figures in a customized spreadsheet for each of the 12 releases.
  • You get a beautiful and automated community profile from Townfolio with live interactive charts to embed on your website.

Regional Plan (Prices range from $12,500 to $15,500 depending on population.)

  • You get everything in the Local Plan.
  • You receive a data comparison on 8 other communities across Canada for each release,  including neighbours and subdivisions of your municipality/region.

Custom Plan

We’ll work with you to find a solution that meets your needs.

For more information, please contact Paul Blais by email or at 1-855-367-3535 ext. 241.

2016 Census Program Release Schedule

February 8, 2017: Population and dwelling counts
May 3, 2017: Age and sex, Type of dwelling
May 10, 2017: Census of Agriculture
August 2, 2017: Families, households and marital status, Language
September 13, 2017: Income
October 25, 2017: Immigration and ethnocultural diversity, Housing, Aboriginal peoples
November 29, 2017: Education, Labour, Journey to work, Language of work, Mobility and migration


Get branded, shareable content to tell your story.

Census 2016 Population Infographic for Canada