Erle Lamothe

Senior Development Analyst

t. +416 367 3535 / 242

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Erle Lamothe

Erle joined MDB Insight in 2014 out of a sincere desire to help communities identify meaningful, tangible and sustainable solutions to the puzzles they are confronted with. He enjoys engaging with community stakeholders and witnessing positive change as the consultation process unfolds. Erle brings a natural comfort in public engagement and thorough academic rigor to his work as a Senior Development Analyst.

Erle contributes to a range of projects at MDB, including economic development, workforce development, corporate strategic planning, cultural planning, and applied research of specific industry sectors. He enjoys contributing to projects across all levels of government as well as in the not-for-profit sector. Erle excels at quantitative and qualitative research methodologies and applies a critical perspective to every stage of the consultation process, from community profile development and stakeholder engagement to strategic planning based on specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely actions.

Erle completed his Master’s in Public Policy and Public Administration at Concordia University in Montreal, specializing in social network analysis and organizational theory. Prior to joining the firm, his research background included business management, environmental waste policy, global environmental politics, engineering technology and society and university curriculum. He works out of the Kingston office and enjoys outdoor activities such as camping and hiking, reading classical and modern literature and playing and listening to music.