Jon Beale

Senior Consultant

t. +416 367 3535 / 233

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Headshot of Jon Beale

Jon is passionate about helping communities to achieve big goals. He has worked to promote regional economic development for communities in Canada and around the world.

Jon’s career in economic development has taken him to Zambia, where he worked with smallholder farmer cooperatives to create new business opportunities and build connections along the agricultural value chain. He has also served as the Executive Director of the Labrador Winter Games and as a Product Development Specialist in the tourism division of the Nunatsiavut (Inuit) Government in Labrador. His work focused on creating economic and social development opportunities for communities throughout Labrador.

Jon is a trained facilitator and values being able to engage community stakeholders in meaningful conversations that uncover new ideas for communities. While in Labrador, Jon served as lead facilitator for stakeholder workshops on polar tourism, Labrador Inuit heritage, Inuit and Métis snow crab and arctic char fisheries, and he moderated community discussions on approaches to adapting to changing weather patterns and climate change

Jon contributes his skills in engagement and consultation, research and analysis, and project management to his work at MDB. He works with a wide range of communities, from large urban centres like the City of Waterloo to small, remote communities like Town of Inuvik and Ginoogaming First Nation.

Jon is particularly drawn to community development projects that balance economic, social, cultural, and environmental planning for Aboriginal and northern Canadian communities. He is also interested the tourism sector and in the revitalization of economically underperforming urban environments.

Jon was born and raised in Toronto and now calls Hamilton home with his wife Ilana. He enjoys living in Hamilton during this exciting period of revitalization in the city. Jon and Ilana try to spend a lot of their time being active outdoors and enjoy planning adventures into the Canadian wilderness.