Karen Smith

Senior Consultant – Business Development

t. +416.367.3535 / 238
e. ksmith@mdbinsight.com
Twitter: @WorldSmith7

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Karen Smith Karen is a community builder, encouraged by the little things that make neighbourhoods thrive and the innovative projects that propel cities toward inspiring futures. She has an innate curiosity, honed over years spent writing, researching, and working to address issues and topics of interest and importance to social, economic, and human wellbeing.

Karen has been consulting since 1991, and for more than two decades focused her work in the dynamic and rewarding realm of community benefit organizations (not-for-profits). She has worked with all levels of government, small agencies, large organizations, and community coalitions and networks. She is comfortable at boardroom tables and at grassroots gatherings, where ideas percolate and diverse voices join to make things happen in communities. A seasoned facilitator, she has engaged intimate focus groups and large conference plenary audiences, applying her skills and asking catalytic questions that encourage meaningful dialogue. Karen’s work with Aboriginal groups, social services organizations, advisory committees, boards of directors, and community agencies of all types and sizes has fueled her passion for genuine engagement and inclusive process. She is a changemaker and system thinker with an eye for detail, happiest when threads of ideas weave together to reflect the wisdom that resides in every gathering.

Karen has collaborated on innovative and effective projects including systemic change initiatives and ground-breaking community development successes. As a trainer in the field, she taught for Mohawk College’s Non-Profit Management Certificate Program and is a popular workshop leader and speaker. Karen’s knowledge of governance and voluntarism is informed by her volunteer service in leadership and governance capacities for both local and national organizations.

Karen has lived in three Canadian provinces and traveled to more than 80 countries around the globe. She’s an avid photographer and still shoots with film as well as in digital format. She’s a foodie, dog lover, avid reader, and audiophile.

Karen works from MDB Insight’s office in Hamilton, her hometown, where she focuses on business development projects. She’s excited to be part of a team that pushes boundaries, develops opportunities, and aims to improve the world one community at a time.