Ken Scholtens

Senior Development Analyst

t. +416 367 3535 / 236

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Ken Scholtens

Ken brings a background in both workforce and economic development to his work as a Senior Development Analyst. He is driven by a desire to help communities create strategies for growth and revitalization.

Before joining MDB Insight, Ken was the Business Information Officer for the City of St. Catharines’ Small Business Enterprise Centre, where he developed a passion for guiding entrepreneurs from business idea to reality.

Ken has an interest in technology and its impact on workforce and economic development. He continues to explore how communities will have to adapt to these changes in the future.

Through his work at MDB, Ken has had the opportunity to work with communities across Canada. He is regularly involved in the development of economic development and sector-based strategies as well as workforce development projects. He has a particular interest in projects focused on issues surrounding worker and youth retention.

Ken was born and raised in Niagara. He lives with his wife Amber in St. Catharines. Whether it’s backpacking through Europe, living abroad for a year to gain a Master’s Degree in History at the University of Exeter, or travelling abroad on vacation, Ken is always looking to learn about and experience other communities and cultures.