Paul Blais

MA, Ec.D., CEcD
Executive Vice-President

t. +416 367 3535 / 241

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Paul Blais

Paul enjoys the travel that comes with working with communities and companies from coast to coast to coast.  With every new project comes an opportunity to meet business and community leaders who have a passion for their product and place. Active Listening is one of Paul’s strengths and truly understanding his clients’ dreams and worries is something he considers the most important aspect of consulting.  His greatest job satisfaction comes when clients say, sometimes with surprise in their voice, “Thank you, you REALLY understand us!”

Paul has been active in economic development since 1995 when he was shot into the real world. For 10 years he held positions of increasing influence as a municipal economic development professional in three rural and urban communities.  He did not know it at the time, but these years of being accountable to the community helped to shape Paul’s innovative consultative approach.

Since the mid 2000’s Paul has built on that experience while working with more than 200 businesses, communities, and NGOs.  These projects are so interestingly widespread that he has no problem getting up for a day on the job.

Paul is equally comfortable with projects in small rural communities and large city regions and his work has received recognition from economic development associations across Canada. He is equally inspired by sharing and learning from citizens in public forums and community leaders around the boardroom table.

It’s notable that Paul is truly enjoying life.  Twenty years ago Paul and his wife, Cara, moved to Eastern Ontario.  Not the most agreeable farming country, their modest acre of lawn is surrounded by open pasture and clusters of forest.  The lakes and rocks of the UNESCO-designated Frontenac Arch Biosphere Reserve are just a few kilometres away.  These are the places that Paul and Cara will continue to enjoy with their two teenage daughters and a very special group of friends who fill life with love and laughs.