Tyson McMann

Development Analyst

t. +416 367 3535 / 238
e. tmcmann@mdbinsight.com

Tyson McMann

Tyson brings on-the-ground economic development experience and academic background in political science to his work as a Development Analyst. He has demonstrated the ability to contribute sound research, writing and analysis to a wide range of projects. As a consultant, he is passionate about helping communities to overcome economic challenges.

With his academic background in economics, Tyson enjoys helping communities and organizations to develop economic strategies and sector profiles. He is drawn to projects that focus on areas where there has been a lack of economic growth or where the composition of a region’s economy has shifted dramatically.

Before he joined MDB, Tyson served as an Economic and Policy Analyst for the Town of Amherstburg, Ontario. During this time, he was instrumental in developing and promoting economic development and investment opportunities. Tyson successfully wrote grants totaling $8 million that supported local infrastructure improvements and supported a number of local economic development initiatives.

When not working, Tyson follows local and international politics and writes articles and commentary on topics ranging from local politics to international economics. Tyson was raised in Toronto and spent seven years in Windsor, Ontario, where he completed a BA in International Relations and Development Studies and an MA in Political Science at the University of Windsor. He currently lives in Hamilton, Ontario.