Millier Dickinson Blais rebrands as
MDB Insight

(TORONTO, ON – September 18, 2015) Millier Dickinson Blais is pleased to announce the launch of a new name, MDB Insight, and new logo to reflect expansion in its practice areas. MDB Insight is a management consulting firm focused on equipping communities for success in the 21st century economy.

The firm was established as MDB Insight in 2007 to provide communities with a new kind of economic development consulting for a new economy. “As economic development practitioners, we noticed a gap between the economic realities communities are facing and the consulting services available,” says Brock Dickinson, a founding partner at the firm. “We’ve taken a different approach. We’ve built a team that has real world experience as well as expertise in our practice areas. With our diverse backgrounds, we’re able to incorporate the best ideas and approaches from economic, workforce, and cultural development into our work.”

This approach has positioned MDB Insight at the forefront of industry thought and practice. “Our commitment to our clients and our communities is to identify resources and tools that support local community development, sustainability and prosperity,” says Trudy Parsons, a partner with the firm. MDB Insight is now Canada’s largest specialist economic development consultancy, with clients across North America and Europe and divisions focused on workforce development and cultural development.

“For us, this work isn’t about writing just strategies,” says Paul Blais, one of the founding partners. “It’s about the real impact we can have on communities, whether they’re small towns or big cities, struggling manufacturing centres or thriving tech hubs. As MDB Insight, we will continue to deliver the innovative solutions our clients have come to expect from us, but we will also expand to new practice areas that bring greater value to our work.”

About MDB Insight

MDB Insight is a management consulting firm that helps people and places prosper in the 21st century economy. Founded in 2007, the firm specializes in providing economic development, workforce development, and cultural development solutions that create real-world impact for its clients. It works with communities, businesses, and organizations across North America and around the world. MDB Insight has offices in Calgary, Hamilton, Kingston and Toronto.