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City street at sunsetIs more growth always better?

By Tarryn Landman

Not according to a new paper from the Brookings Institution on Remaking Economic Development. Particularly when the pursuit of growth focuses more on incentive-driven initiatives than on workers and existing local businesses.  Read the full blog post

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MDB Insight team collage

The MDB Insight team is evolving

This year, we’re celebrating a decade of innovative, impactful work. We have grown a lot since 2007, and we wanted to share some of the most recent changes. Read the full blog post

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TINAN 78 (June 2017)

In TINAN 78 the MDB Insight team looks at:

  • How happy is your country?
  • Measuring inclusive growth
  • Are you engaging NEETs in your community?
  • Are today’s factories tomorrow’s data centers?
  • Introducing Chris Bandak

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Meet our new Market Research and Analytics Division

Our team is committed to helping communities and organizations achieve their goals. We’ve recently decided to take that commitment a step further by launching a new Market Research and Analytics division. We comb through data every day to help our clients tackle their biggest questions. This new division will give them the clarity, context, and insight they need to make informed decisions. Read the full blog post

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Is your city

Is your city playable?

All over the world, governments and tech companies are investing in smart systems for cities. By using networks and sensors to connect services they are collecting data to drive efficiency. But is this trend making our cities less human? A group of creative minds out of Bristol, UK, have found that this data-marked world lacks the human elements that make spaces more liveable and open.

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An empty chair in front of a computer and a row of plants by a window behind the chair

Resource Review: Pollinating local economies

From the first paragraph (which kicks off with a pretty scathing look at the incentives used to attract the production of House of Cards to Maryland), Michael H. Shuman’s punchy new book The Local Economy Solution challenges ideas about the form and function of economic development in the United States.

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Empowering women could help close income gaps

By Tarryn Landman

In recent editions of TINAN, we’ve taken a look at global poverty and income inequality, exploring the trends and impacts related to these issues. A recent International Monetary Fund (IMF) discussion paper brings a different perspective to the discussion by examining the connection between gender inequality and income inequality.

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How Climate Change... LIN

How climate change could hamper global productivity

An article in the scientific journal Nature observes that there is a “Goldilocks” global average temperature of 13 degrees Celsius in which economic productivity is most efficient, but finds that productivity will decline by 23% by 2100 because of increases in the global average temperature.

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The first ever (3)

The first ever global map of cultural

and creative industries

Compared to more traditional industries, Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) are often only partially described and generally misunderstood or undervalued, creating challenges in understanding their economic weight in both mature and emerging economies.

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