As experienced practitioners, we understand the need for tools that support on-the-ground initiatives. As consultants, our work with clients around the world has helped us to identify gaps that create challenges for professionals in the field.

We have created solutions that equip our clients to overcome local challenges and uncover opportunities.

Jobs Demand Report

Knowing where the jobs are in a community is vital for understanding local industry needs and employment opportunities.

In partnership with, we provide a real-time Jobs Demand Report that validates local hiring demand, a key measurement of employment trends and economic development. This valuable data is verified and compiled into customizable reports that provide information on postings by location, occupational category, industry, and employer.

Our Jobs Demand Report equips local stakeholders with insight into local hiring demand and informs attraction and retention strategies.

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Culture is a significant competitive advantage for communities in the 21st century economy, attracting talent and investment by creating a vibrant quality of place.

We have developed a cultural mapping tool that allows clients to leverage their cultural assets. PlaceVantage is a powerful solution that includes the creation of a tailored Cultural Resource Framework to identify local resources. Once assets have been identified, PlaceVantage creates a powerful cultural portal and interactive GIS-based map that promotes a community as a culturally vibrant place to residents and tourists.

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