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Citizen Satisfaction IQ

A happy community is a thriving community.

We know you want to see your community thrive, but if you don’t know what residents want, how can you reach that goal?

Understanding exactly how your residents feel about community services and programs is essential for leaders to make decisions that achieve that goal.

We get to the core of citizen satisfaction.

We have created Citizen Satisfaction IQ to equip local leaders – whether their communities are large or small – with authoritative, comprehensive, and unfiltered insight into just how residents feel about the local policies, programs, services and amenities.

Through the Citizen Satisfaction IQ process, residents are surveyed about their views on local services and programs. Using our innovative derived importance approach, we create an inventory of citizen priorities based on the levels of satisfaction uncovered.

Citizen Satisfaction IQ shatters barriers between community leaders and residents, fostering a fruitful
dialogue within the community about services.

Contact Christ Bandak for more information: or 1.855.367.3535 ext. 224.