Putting Culture on the Map


A community’s cultural vibrancy is one of its most important competitive advantages. Diverse cultural and entertainment resources are essential ingredients in the quality of place that attracts people, talent and investment in a knowledge-based creative economy.

Profiling cultural resources and communicating a community’s unique identity are key elements in expanding economic opportunities and tourism.

PlaceVantage is a cultural mapping tool that reveals a community’s cultural vibrancy by making its cultural resources more accessible to residents and visitors. In doing so, it supports culture-led economic development and place-based tourism.

Any cultural or economic development strategy must start with identifying assets. PlaceVantage begins with a Cultural Resource Framework that organizes information on cultural resources and reveals a community’s unique culture and identity. Once the cultural assets have been identified and collected, PlaceVantage provides a cultural portal for profiling these assets in a powerful, visually appealing and interactive way.

PlaceVantage Features

  • A customized cultural portal that integrates with the client’s branding requirements, administrative capabilities and social media links.
  • An interactive cultural mapping application that profiles cultural resources through visual guides, profiles and direction widgets.
  • A built-in calendar application designed to allow community partners to add their programs, festivals and events.
  • A responsive site that works on mobile devices.
  • A selection of template pages for different sections of the portal site.

Our team will also provide expert assistance with:

  • Advising on existing sources of data
  • Consolidating existing cultural resource data into a user-friendly Cultural Resource Framework tailored to client needs
  • Training designated users who will be managing and editing data for the cultural portal.

Contact Greg Baeker or Jason Dias for more information on PlaceVantage or explore the demo here: