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Replace uncertainty with evidence.

How do elected officials, municipal councillors, and senior staff know what programs and services residents want them to fund?

We all want good things for our communities. Better services. More amenities. But, our communities often have limited financial resources. Decisions makers must balance these priorities with budget realities. Making those choices requires insight into resident service priorities and tax sensitivity.

Zero in on resident budget sensitivities.

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Our Tax Sensitivity Calculator gives decision makers and community leaders  a clear sense of residents’ willingness to pay for service changes.

Selected property tax payers from the community take a survey where they not only choose what services they want
introduced or enhanced, but also see how those choices impact their property taxes in real time. This highly interactive survey engages residents in the budgeting process, allowing them to contribute to budget conversations. The resulting data pinpoints the overlap between property tax payers’ service priorities and their sensitivity to property tax increases.

Balance budget realities with service priorities.

Our sophisticated, engaging Tax Sensitivity Calculator solution gives municipal staff and councillors unprecedented insight into the programs and services to fund based on resident’s priorities. This data empowers elected officials
and municipal staff to make informed decisions based on measurable, statistically significant evidence.

With evidence-based budgeting, decision makers can pursue program and service development that benefits the community well into the future.

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