Triage BR+E

Take the pulse of your local businesses.

One of the cornerstones of economic development in any community is business retention and expansion (BR+E). Nurturing and retaining existing business can create jobs, add to the tax base, and generate economic growth more quickly than investment attraction activities.

But, BR+E is sometimes a grueling task.

Limited time, staff, and financial resources create major barriers for economic developers. Establishing a BR+E program requires a sound understanding of best practices and the local business ecosystem. Maintaining a traditional BR+E program requires substantial investment in terms municipal resources.

Uncover and predict issues in your business community.

Our Triage BR+E solution overcomes these challenges, expanding beyond traditional BR+E approaches to give economic developers precise, statistically significant information about local businesses. This information measures the health of businesses in the present and helps to predict challenges and opportunities on the horizon.

By using derived importance, a market research technique used in the private sector for decades, we provide economic developers a unique understanding of the priorities of local businesses and how the community can support their growth.

Maximize your resources to build effective relationships.

Triage BR+E relieves pressure on your resources, helping you to use your time and budget on the most critical cases in your community.

Businesses with issues, such as a lease expiring, are flagged in real-time. This timely insight means you can act swiftly and proactively to meet the needs of businesses. Equipped with this information, you can connect with the local businesses most in need of assistance, building stronger relationships with them and supporting local economic growth.

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