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TINAN 77 (February 2017)

In TINAN 77 the MDB Insight team looks at:

  • OECD encourages green growth in Canada
  • Will 2030 see the end of extreme poverty?
  • The future of capital and funding for start-ups and SMEs
  • Want a competitive edge? Close the wage gap

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How Toronto is getting main street businesses online

By Tarryn Landman

Small businesses can face big challenges when it comes to competing in the digital marketplace. In fact, almost 60% of Canadian businesses don’t have a website at all, and just 13% of Canadian retailers are online (according to 2013 Statistics Canada data).

Potential customers, however, place significant value on the online presence of businesses. A recent CIRA study, for example, found 76% percent of respondents look for product pricing information online. Another study found 80% of respondents would shop more at small businesses if they were easier to find online, with 59% buying from large corporations because they outperform independent businesses on web, mobile, and social platforms. Read the full blog post

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Drone flying in the sky.

How do businesses learn?

By Tarryn Landman

“How do companies create new products and services?” A new report from the Brookings Institution explores this question and reveals some useful answers for economic developers and city policy makers. Read the full blog post

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TINAN 73 (August 2016)

In TINAN 73 the MDB Insight team looks at:


  • How do businesses learn?
  • How Toronto is getting main street businesses online
  • The OECD’s painfully slow job recovery
  • Want more entrepreneurs?
  • Resource Review: “Seveneves” by Neil Stephenson

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TINAN Number 43 (January 2013)

In TINAN Number 43:

  • Entrepreneurship empowers everyone
  • The solution starts with a plan
  • Why walkability matters
  • Community building through gaming
  • Company Corner: Larry Petovello to work with MDB Insight as an Associate
  • Resource Review: Is Canada’s economy in hot water?

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Annual National Salary Survey by MDB Insight

Annual National Salary Survey

On September 19th, at EDAC‘s annual conference in Quebec City, MDB Insight‘ 2010 national salary survey was presented to conference participants. The Salary Survey involved responses from 137 practitioners from all provinces and territories covering a wide range of community sizes and governing structures. The five main positions examined were Directors of Economic Development, Economic Development Officers (EDO), Business Development Officers (BDO), Tourism Marketing Officers (TMO) and Economic Development Researchers (EDR). In addition to average salaries, data was collected regarding the number of department staff, retirement plans, vacation allotment and employment benefits. New to the survey this year were questions regarding the highest level of educational attainment and professional accreditations earned. An additional survey was sent out to professionals who have earned the Ec.D. or Ec.D. (F) designation. Similar compensation questions were asked in this survey.

Read the Full Review

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