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 A house in the suburbs

Changing binary views of suburbia

Suburbs have often been studied in isolation from their urban neighbours. A new book titled Suburban Urbanites: Suburbs and the Life of the High Street, however, questions conventional views of suburbs by challenging our binary understanding of urban vs. suburban spaces.

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Communities across Canada and the United States are facing increasing competition when it comes to attracting talent and investment. Economic developers, and others involved in creating vibrant communities, need a broad range of tools to help their communities thrive now and in the future. Municipal World’s 12 Strategies for Re-Energizing Your Community fits the bill, bringing together articles from 12 experts on a variety of community revitalization topics in an easy-to-read collection.

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Sunlight coming through bright window

Conventional wisdom has it that large corporations are a huge boost to a local economy, generating new job opportunities and all the knock-on spending effects that come with them. In an effort to attract them, cities often offer large corporations millions of dollars in subsidies and tax breaks. While big corporations play an important role for local economies, new research suggests that startups and small businesses could give them a run for their money.

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The Brooklyn Bridge

Is your community leveraging equigenic environments?

By Tarryn Landman

Could green spaces close gaps in health between people of different incomes? According to a researcher from the University of Glasgow, that may be the case. A study of 34 European nations found that the gap in mental well-being between socioeconomic groups was 40% narrower among respondents with good access to green/recreational areas compared with those with poorer access. While it’s certainly not without flaws, the study raises some interesting questions about equigenic environments (places that can reduce health inequalities).

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Turning vacancies into communities

Dealing with previously occupied vacant lands and spaces isn’t a new challenge for communities. Despite booms and busts over the last century, the continued growth of cities has usually offered new developments, businesses, and citizens to fill the void, sometimes with little effort. However, as the last few decades have shown in previously robust Great Lakes region industrial communities, economic and demographic growth alone can no longer be the solution. So how can cities, businesses, and organizations respond? Read the full blog post

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TINAN Number 45 (April 2013)

In TINAN Number 45:

  • Closing the STEM gender gap
  • How pop-up urbanism is helping communities
  • Libraries – the original business incubator?
  • The world’s fastest growing cities
  • Company Corner: Court Ellingson Named to the Economic Developers Alberta (EDA) 2013 Board of Directors
  • Resource Review: Turnaround: Third world lessons on growth

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TINAN Number 43 (January 2013)

In TINAN Number 43:

  • Entrepreneurship empowers everyone
  • The solution starts with a plan
  • Why walkability matters
  • Community building through gaming
  • Company Corner: Larry Petovello to work with MDB Insight as an Associate
  • Resource Review: Is Canada’s economy in hot water?

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TINAN Number 42 (December 2012)

In TINAN Number 42:

  • The Christmas Price Index
  • The future of global manufacturing
  • 2012 Canadian American Cities Online Marketing Index
  • Crowdfunding Solutions to our Biggest Issues
  • Welcome Generation Z to the workplace!
  • Company Corner: Happy New Year!
  • Client Corner: Russian cultural delegation tours Ontario with MDB Insight
  • Resource Review: Gift Giving

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TINAN Number 38 (July 2012)

In TINAN Number 38:

  • Playing with scenario planning in economic development
  • Showcasing inspiring infrastructure projects
  • Building the next Silicon ______
  • Creative rural economies: “The art of the rural”
  • Be pro-active to retain your best talent
  • Client Corner: York Region Supports Innovation in Manufacturing
  • Resource Review: The New Geography of Jobs

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TINAN Number 36 (May 2012)

In TINAN Number 36:

  • New social media tools for real-world neighbourhoods
  • American cities in the global economy
  • A best practices toolkit for economic developers
  • Tackling challenges to Canadian competitiveness
  • Client Corner: MDB Insight helps secure $10 million for Ontario steel plant
  • Resource Review: Think fast…or slow

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