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By Tarryn Landman

Richard Florida and his colleagues at the Martin Prosperity Institute recently released an interesting study that blends Michael Porter’s industrial cluster theory and Florida’s research on creative and routine occupations to explore their impact on economic development.

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What’s the value of creative work?

By Erle Lamothe

The name Wil Wheaton usually congers memories of Hollywood hits like Stand by Me, Star Trek the Next Generation or The Big Bang Theory. Recently, Wheaton has garnered attention for rather different reasons.

In a nutshell, Wheaton published a blog post called “Seven Things I did to Reboot My Life” that sparked a fury of interest, including from the Huffington Post. The media publisher asked if they could re-publish the post on its website. When Wheaton inquired how much the publisher would pay, the response was that they do not pay for blog content. Wheaton’s retort was launched via Twitter in a stream of tweets that pointed out the absurdity of not paying for written content which took time to develop. He also summarized the entire experienced in a subsequent blog post. Read the full blog post

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A Toronto-Edinburgh Exchange on Culture and Economic Development

In February 2013, MDB Insight collaborated with InclusionUS to organize a study visit from the City of Edinburgh to learn about Toronto’s approach to culture-led economic development. There were many productive meetings with a range of agencies and stakeholders in Toronto. A highlight was a meeting with staff from the City of Toronto’s Department of Economic Development and Culture. From a planning and policy perspective, forging closer connections between culture and economic development is still an emerging municipal agenda in Edinburgh. City officials were interested in learning from Toronto’s experience integrating the two. Read the full blog post

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Are the creative industries as innovative as we think?

Views on creativity have changed over the years, with concepts like the creative class and creative workers becoming significant areas of focus for the economic development field. Municipalities across North America now compete with one another to attract creative industries to generate innovation and economic growth. A recent working paper(and upcoming report) from the United Kingdom, however, may have municipalities rethinking their strategies around creative industries. Read the full blog post

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TINAN Number 50 (November 2013)

In TINAN Number 50

  • Leveraging employee engagement in economic and workforce development
  • Turning vacancies into communities
  • Making the most of rural-urban partnerships
  • Are the creative industries as innovative as we think?
  • Client Corner: CBS’ Main Street Recognized
  • Resource Review: Cultural Mapping: A Guide to Understanding Place, Community and Continuity

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