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TINAN 64 (August 2015)

In TINAN 64 the MDB Insight team looks at global poverty, creative competitiveness, workforce automation, and supporting competitiveness and innovation in the manufacturing sector.


  • How rich are you?
  • Three key ingredients for creative competitiveness
  • Which jobs are most at risk of being automated?
  • Manufacturing competitiveness and innovation
  • Company Corner: Tyson McMann joins MDB Insight
  • Resource Review: “The Martian”

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TINAN Number 32  (January 2012)

In TINAN Number 32:

  • Workforce development trends to watch in 2012
  • Women’s economic opportunity and economic development
  • Assessing creativity and culture as economic drivers
  • Regions driving investment
  • Client Corner: Brock University receives federal funding for bioscience incubator
  • Resource Review: Building better ideas

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Think Better by Tim Hurson

Building better ideas

Communications theorist Arthur VanGundy once suggested that “Ideas are not solutions; they are the raw material of solutions.” As we struggle for innovative approaches to challenging issues in our local economies, economic developers often fall into traps that block progress. Sometimes it’s the trap of “best practice” where we resort only to imitation. Other times we’re confronted by the economic development equivalent of writer’s block. We imagine that if only we could generate a constant, steady stream of amazing new ideas, our work would be so much easier.

In Think Better, creativity coach Tim Hurson presents an exciting toolkit for idea generation that just may help economic developers achieve the creative breakthrough they need in these challenging times. Hurson begins with a dynamic, entertaining and common sense review of just where good ideas come from, drawing on cutting edge academic research and the practical experience of companies and entrepreneurs around the globe. This section of the book alone is worth the price of admission.

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The Design of Business: Why Design Thinking is the Next Competitive Advantage by Roger Martin

The Business of Design

Back in 1964, the concept of “design management” was introduced by academics in the field of business studies. The design management idea suggested – for the first time – that successful businesses not only supplied products or services to consumers, but that they also understood how the physical design and aesthetic sensibility of those products was an important determinant of commercial success. Today this is widely accepted – anyone can build an MP3 player, but only Apple can build an iPod. The link between design and business success is increasingly remarked upon, but many businesses are challenged by how to turn this theory into action.

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NurtureShock: New Thinking About Children by Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman

FutureShock: Rethinking Education for the 21st Century Economy

The structures that dominate the western educational model have often been attributed to Otto Von Bismarck, the charismatic political and military leader who unified Germany in the 1860s. Faced with an ongoing need for efficient, effective soldiers, he standardized German education to build a consistent set of practical skills (reading, writing, arithmetic – and following instructions) that would better serve the German army. Impressed by his accomplishments, the model was introduced to North America by wealthy industrialists seeking a standardized and qualified labour force to operate its newly-burgeoning factory system.  Von Bismarck’s education system, it turned out, was perfectly suited to the needs of Henry Ford and his assembly lines…

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TINAN Number 18 (October 2010)

In TINAN Number 18:

  • Innovation and Sustainability in Cities
  • TIGER, TIGER Burning (not so) Bright
  • Creativity and Innovation: Making North-South Connections
  • The Next Economy: Economic Recovery and Transformation in the Great Lakes Region
  • Client Corner:  Town of Oakville Wins EDAC Marketing Award
  • Resource Review:  Annual National Salary Survey

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TINAN Number 16 (August 2010)

In TINAN Number 16:

  • The 7 habits of highly effective regional leadership
  • Closing Canada’s innovation gap
  • Mapping Canada’s employment development
  • Burgernomics: Making economics more digestible
  • Why Here|Why Now: an innovative new way of summarizing public opinion
  • Company Corner: Dickinson named Co-Director of University of Waterloo’s Economic Development Program
  • Resource Review:  Daring to Be Different

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Rediscovering the Wealth of Places by Greg Baeker

Rediscovering the Wealth of Places

“Australia led the way in integrated and strategic cultural planning from the 1990s: a baton that is now admirably being taken up by Canada.”
Colin Mercer, internationally renowned cultural planning consultant.

Leading municipalities and economic development agencies across Canada understand the powerful role played by creativity and culture in rebuilding local economies and strengthening quality of place. As a result, more and more communities are turning to cultural mapping and municipal cultural planning as essential planning and economic development tools for local government in the 21st century. Rediscovering the Wealth of Places by Dr. Greg Baeker is a practical introduction for communities seeking to understand core municipal cultural planning concepts and tools. The book provides concrete examples of leading practice from Canada and other countries that can assist communities looking to further develop and capitalize on their cultural assets. The book also features chapters by leading thinkers and practitioners in the field across a range of topics relevant to culture-led economic and broader community development agendas.

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