A Brief History of the Future by Jacques Attali

Meet Jacques Attali – the Anti-Florida

Skeptical about the happy shiny creative economy described by Richard Florida? Here’s the antidote – A Brief History of the Future by French economist and microfinance guru Jacques Attali, published in March of this year by Arcade Publishing. The former advisor to French President Francois Mitter and begins by describing the rise of economic and business models around the year 1200, always based around successful City-Regions beginning with Bruges and Venice, shifting to Amsterdam and London before crossing the ocean to New York and Los Angeles. Attali argues that the emerging economy is dominated by an “innovative class” very similar to Florida’s creative class. However, Attali sees darker days ahead, as innovation, technology and economic change converge over time to destroy democracy, undermine American dominance and lead to “hyperwar” and “hyperempire.”

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