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Ontario Workforce Update 2016

Where was Ontario creating jobs in 2016? We’ve mined the data available through the Regional Labour Demand Report to find out how Ontario performed last year in terms of both the quantity and quality of jobs created. Read the full blog post

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The OECD’s painfully slow job recovery

By Jon Beale

In its most recent annual employment assessment, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) found that job growth in member states has been “painfully slow” since the 2009 global financial crisis. More than three-quarters of the 35 OECD member states are still experiencing high levels of unemployment. Greece, France, Italy, Portugal, and Spain are faring the worst with continuing unemployment rates in the double digits. Read the full blog post

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TINAN Number 41 (November 2012)

In TINAN Number 41:

  • Passionate about economic development? is for you.
  • Leading indicators of national performance
  • Creative placemaking
  • Creative entrepreneurship and economic growth
  • Workplace culture and passion capital
  • Client Corner: Gananoque being proactive with job creation
  • Resource Review: Focusing on What Matters

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TINAN Number 40 (September 2012)

In TINAN Number 40:

  • launches! New website is largest online source of ec dev resources
  • Entrepreneurship is the source of economic growth for National Governors Association
  • Stepping up Kickstarter (and other crowdfunding tools)
  • Is Canada losing its competitive edge?
  • How culture helps to make world cities
  • Client Corner: US-Canada workforce development study trip
  • Resource Review: Winning the coming jobs war

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TINAN Number 37 (June 2012)

In TINAN Number 37:

  • Small companies are big players in global economic recovery
  • Cultural sector proving more recession proof in USA
  • Not so suburban
  • Measuring a better life
  • Youth retention strategies: Can I have a job with that please?
  • Bloggers Wanted
  • Resource Review: Is this the end of growth?

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TINAN Number 33 (February 2012)

In TINAN Number 33:

  • Continuous innovation as a key driver of economic growth
  • Building win-win relationships between natural resource industries and communities
  • ICT, global collaboration and cities of the future
  • Technology influence on the workplace in 2012
  • Eastern Ontario CFDC Network Inc. Job Opportunity: Executive Director
  • Client Corner: City of Vaughan
  • Resource Review: So what is the economy for, anyway?

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TINAN Number 21 (January 2011)

In TINAN Number 21:

  • How can economic developers use social media in your community?
  • Talent is critically important for urban success
  • Jobs and ‘good’ jobs – new employment metrics
  • Testing a model and framework to inform local labour market planning
  • Client Corner:  Waterfront Development – Township of Red Rock
  • Company Corner:  AuthentiCity announces merger with MDB Insight
  • Resource Review:  MacroWikinomics: Rebooting Economic Development

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TINAN Number 20 (December 2010)

In TINAN Number 20:

  • New models for performance measurement in economic development
  • Are you a young economic development professional?
  • What do votes for Barack Obama and unemployment rates have in common when it comes to the US economy?
  • New tech hotspots take centre stage
  • Toronto builds civic leadership through CivicAction
  • Company Corner:  Trudy Parsons joins the MDB Insight as Director of Workforce Development
  • Client Corner:  Enterprise Facilitation Initiative – Hastings County
  • Resource Review:  EconoMyths: Why Economic Development is not Economics

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EconoMyths: Ten ways economics gets it wrong by David Orrell

EconoMyths: Why Economic Development is not Economics

In the day-to-day challenges of economic development work, the field of “economics” looms large. Somehow, we expect our efforts to build upon and take advantage of the rules and principles of economics in order to drive job creation and sustainable economic growth at the local level. And yet, rarely do we talk about economics principles like the invisible hand of the marketmarginal utility calculations or equilibrium points. In his new book, EconoMyths: Ten Ways Economics Gets it Wrong, mathematician David Orrell explains why this is – and provides some valuable lessons for economic developers along the way.

Read the Full Review

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TINAN Number 19 (November 2010)

In TINAN Number 19:

  • Canada – the brand – is on top of the world
  • People: the real wealth of nations
  • Examining the role of post secondary institutions in local economic development
  • Place-Finding in the Creative Age
  • The importance of labour force planning for youth
  • Company Corner:  Nirvana Micoo joins the MDB Insight team
  • Client Corner:  nGen joins the Ontario Network of Excellence
  • Resource Review:  UnMarketing

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