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TINAN Number 19 (November 2010)

In TINAN Number 19:

  • Canada – the brand – is on top of the world
  • People: the real wealth of nations
  • Examining the role of post secondary institutions in local economic development
  • Place-Finding in the Creative Age
  • The importance of labour force planning for youth
  • Company Corner:  Nirvana Micoo joins the MDB Insight team
  • Client Corner:  nGen joins the Ontario Network of Excellence
  • Resource Review:  UnMarketing

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The Great Reset by Richard Florida

Richard Florida Hits Reset

There’s no question that the biggest – and most controversial – name in economic development of late has been Richard Florida. The New Jersey native, who relocated to Toronto a few years ago to head the Martin Prosperity Institute, is best known for his 2002 book The Rise of the Creative Class. In that book, and in several follow-up books and articles (including The Flight Of The Creative Class and Who’s Your City?), he explored the increasing economic importance of a new group of creatively-oriented knowledge workers, and how they were reshaping the economies of communities across the industrial world. While that work won him many accolades and has helped to anchor a “creative industries” focus for economic development in many communities, it has also been described as too elitist, too urban and too obvious. Now Florida is back on the bookshelves with a new offering.

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