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TINAN Number 43 (January 2013)

In TINAN Number 43:

  • Entrepreneurship empowers everyone
  • The solution starts with a plan
  • Why walkability matters
  • Community building through gaming
  • Company Corner: Larry Petovello to work with MDB Insight as an Associate
  • Resource Review: Is Canada’s economy in hot water?

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TINAN Number 38 (July 2012)

In TINAN Number 38:

  • Playing with scenario planning in economic development
  • Showcasing inspiring infrastructure projects
  • Building the next Silicon ______
  • Creative rural economies: “The art of the rural”
  • Be pro-active to retain your best talent
  • Client Corner: York Region Supports Innovation in Manufacturing
  • Resource Review: The New Geography of Jobs

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TINAN Number 22 (February 2011)

In TINAN Number 22:

  • Cultural mapping and economic development: Recent tools and development
  • New social media seminar for economic developers
  • Angels investing in the local economy
  • Halló, my name is Iceland…
  • Skillshed Analysis – Get to know your workforce
  • Client Corner:  City of Markham
  • Resource Review:  FutureShock: Rethinking Education for the 21st Century Economy

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TINAN Number 18 (October 2010)

In TINAN Number 18:

  • Innovation and Sustainability in Cities
  • TIGER, TIGER Burning (not so) Bright
  • Creativity and Innovation: Making North-South Connections
  • The Next Economy: Economic Recovery and Transformation in the Great Lakes Region
  • Client Corner:  Town of Oakville Wins EDAC Marketing Award
  • Resource Review:  Annual National Salary Survey

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Six Pixels of Separation by Mitch Joel

Six Degrees is Hot!

Many economic developers are struggling to find a niche on Facebook and YouTube.  Mitch Joel, the founder of Montreal-based online marketing company Twist Image suggests that this is just soooo 2006. In his recent book Six Pixels of Separation, Joel describes where the digital economy is headed next, and how to ride the wave as it carries the next generation of web content forward. Unlike the old notion of six degrees of separation – that everyone on earth is connected by no more than six connections between acquaintances – Joel suggests that the new reality is not determined by separation, but by connectedness. In the emerging economy, all brands – corporate, community or personal – will be assessed on how quickly, how genuinely and how honestly they link to ongoing global conversations that occur between individuals in real time.

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