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TINAN 77 (February 2017)

In TINAN 77 the MDB Insight team looks at:

  • OECD encourages green growth in Canada
  • Will 2030 see the end of extreme poverty?
  • The future of capital and funding for start-ups and SMEs
  • Want a competitive edge? Close the wage gap

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TINAN 64 (August 2015)

In TINAN 64 the MDB Insight team looks at global poverty, creative competitiveness, workforce automation, and supporting competitiveness and innovation in the manufacturing sector.


  • How rich are you?
  • Three key ingredients for creative competitiveness
  • Which jobs are most at risk of being automated?
  • Manufacturing competitiveness and innovation
  • Company Corner: Tyson McMann joins MDB Insight
  • Resource Review: “The Martian”

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TINAN Number 29 (October 2011)

In TINAN Number 29:

  • Could You Live On $1000 A Month?
  • Measuring and Improving Aesthetic Capital
  • Near? Far? Where Are You Best Positioned?
  • How Are We Doing When It Comes to Innovation?
  • The Role of Elected Officials in Economic Development
  • Company Corner: Austin Hracs Joins the MDB Insight Team
  • Resource Review: The Evolution of Great World Cities

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