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Resource Review: Pollinating local economies

From the first paragraph (which kicks off with a pretty scathing look at the incentives used to attract the production of House of Cards to Maryland), Michael H. Shuman’s punchy new book The Local Economy Solution challenges ideas about the form and function of economic development in the United States.

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Healthcare Disrupted: Inside the human health and life sciences revolution

As communities seek “target sectors” to focus on in their attempts to grow their economies, the health and life sciences sector has been a frequent choice. In part, this is because the sector is growing – but the clean, impactful, knowledge sector jobs that characterize the sector are also highly desirable. But Jeff Elton and Anne O’Riordan’s 2016 book Healthcare Disrupted: Next Generation Business Models and Strategies  suggests that the sector is in for a major shakeup.

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Resource Review – Connectography: Just how interconnected are we?

By Brock Dickinson

The phrase “connectivity” is often bandied about in economic development circles, and usually refers to a community’s capacity to connect to the digital realm, thereby supporting investment and opportunities in the knowledge space. But what if connectivity was more than just a digital notion? What if our local economic success was dictated in large part by a bigger concept of connectivity? This bigger concept might include digital connections, but also physical transportation and infrastructure connections, and a host of people connections that tie us together through culture, social perspectives, and business opportunities. This is the central notion behind Parag Khanna’s latest book Connectography, which carries the rather ambitious subtitle Mapping the Future of Global Civilization.

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